Games that Don’t take a lot of Space

Playing games on Android is a huge fun for all. But most of the people want the Games that don’t take a lot of Space in the phone storage. As you know that more MB games can take a huge space. This is not good for some androids. Because the high MB game takes more space. So, your device hanged during playtime. That is not good for you and for your device also. People want low MB games because they want fun in life. Therefore, they find a good way that guides them about the best and good games. If you’re looking the same thing then you are lucky because you are on the right web page. Here we discuss a lot of games that can use less space in Android. So, you have to need to keep calm and read this full content.

Free Low MB Games for Android

Here we tell you many games that used less space and these are best for Android. So, this is the special thing that all the android users can get more benefits from it. Because low MB games can take less space and its good for them. Many games included such as Mekorama, ZigZag, and Glow Hockey, Archery Master 3D, Stick Hero, and Escaping the Prison. More games included like Dream House Days, aa, ff, Word Academy, Block Puzzle & Conquer, Granny Smith, Robotek, and Hoplite etc.

Gem Miner

games that dont take alot of space 1

This is the best and top 1st less space game with 13 MB nowadays. The Gem Miner has managed to pack quite a bit of digging fun into this small app. Hence, this 2-D exploration game contains on players start with basic supplies such as a lamp, bag, pickaxe, etc. Included mine for rare minerals, precious gems and the occasional dinosaur bones to sell. So, the players must avoid hazards like falling into crevasses. They also avoid the running out of energy. This is the best free game with many challenges and more fun.

Tiny Wings

games that dont take alot of space 2

The Tiny Wings is the best game for iPhone Game of the Year in App Store. So, that rewinds 2011 in Europe and many other countries. This game is like a big box of fun. Moreover, every player can play it easily and enjoy it so much. So, this is not just a game it’s like a gift to you. The players control a flightless bird who gains altitude by sliding down hills. So, then catches air when he hits the peak of the next one. With pressing the screen at the right time, you can accelerate his speed going down the hill.

Cricket Black

games that dont take alot of space 3

This game is the best for cricket lovers. Because it fulfills their cricket playing desire at all. As well as it gives more fun to all players. It consists of just 2 MB of space. It is a special app for Android users. So, you can even install it on low-end devices. More is that it is very simple in play. With just a single click on ‘Tap to start’, you will find a person throwing a ball. Then you can tap on the screen to hit the ball when it comes nearer to you.


games that dont take alot of space 4

The Lifeline game is really a playable, branching story of survival against all odds. So, you will help Taylor make life or death decisions. More is that you can help them to face the consequences together. It is a totally unique experience; this story plays out in real time. Thus the Taylor works to stay alive, notify you with new messages throughout your day. So, you must enjoy it at any time as you play.